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Homeworking has become the norm for many, and never has space felt so tight! As work life spills into the home, every available spot seems occupied, and it's a struggle to find a place of your own: a place to concentrate.

The garden offers a refuge - a potential working place, or perhaps, simply a space to breathe.

Fully equipped and designed to suit your specific requirements, Garden Workspaces provide a cost-effective extension to your home, adding valuable square metres just a few steps from the back door.

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Our Standard Garden Workspace is a ‘no fuss’ solution and simply requires you to point to the area of the garden you have selected for the new workspace, tell us the ideal size of the building and what you plan to do in the space. Then you can leave the rest to us!

  • We have a number of standard designs for you to choose from, all of which can be easily adapted to suit your requirements.

  • We don't limit you to a prefabricated set of sizes - we make our standard designs fit the space you have as all our buildings are made to order.

  • Plus there are a selection of high quality materials and finishes to consider, which are all sourced to look great and last.

  • We will sort everything for you, from the foundations upwards.

All our Workspaces include...

Electric Underfloor Heating

18mm Engineered Oak flooring with choice of finishes

Taped and jointed plasterboard walls

18mm pre-treated softwood cladding, in various profiles

Full length non-opening window

Walls and woodwork painted white

Power, from existing distribution board to a new distribution board

UPVC Sliding Doors

EPDM roof with 15 year guarantee

Recessed LED downlighters and socket outlets

50mm foil-faced PIR insulation

So you can see that we have better Standards than other providers!

Get in Touch to discuss your requirements.

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To help you purchase your Garden Workspace, we have partnered with Kandoo to provide a range of flexible finance options.

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Everything we design and build is specific to each Garden Workspace, so the design of our buildings is extremely flexible. We can build any Garden Workspace you can imagine. If you need extra ideas, we have loads to help you design your perfect space.

  • We do not work with pre-fabricated panels, and so anything is possible!

  • If you want a curved wall or clever multi use internal space then our Bespoke building design is extremely flexible.

  • Whether you dream of a fully equipped state of the art office, or a sprung wooden floor for your yoga group or PT business, we can help. 

  • We just need you to talk to us, show us any pictures, scribbles or ideas, or simply provide your wish list, and we will start creating.

  • Once we have visited your garden and fully understand the space, the potential and your vision, we will provide a mock-up of your Bespoke Garden Workspace using 3d design, before turning it into a reality.

Bespoke elements for you to consider include...

Heating / Cooling air conditioning

Glass treatments, graded from mild to fully frosted, or coloured

Green / Living roof and/or walls

Cladding in Thermowood, Larch, Canadian Cedar or Acoya, in various profiles

Solid hardwood flooring in a variety of finishes

Internal wall type changed to accomodate hot tub

Aluminium Bi-fold doors

Alarm system with dial out to pre-set numbers

Eco-wool insulation instead of PIR

External lighting to and from your workspace, with key fob control

Recessed LED linear lighting

External walls can be mix of cladding and self-coloured render

Get in Touch to discuss your requirements.

To help you purchase your Garden Workspace, we have partnered with Kandoo to provide a range of flexible finance options.

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There are many gardens with some kind of challenging aspect to them, and most garden building companies take one look and either fail to return your call or tell you that a workspace is not an option.

That is not us!

We will find a solution that works.

  • We can consider various construction methods to overcome any of your site specific issues.

  • Lack of access, a sloping site, awkward shapes, waterlogged ground, trees or fences in close proximity; all of these points can be overcome.

  • We are always happy to give advice and options where a design is proving to be challenging.

  • If you have been told you might need planning permission we can access the requirements, and if necessary prepare drawings and submit the application on your behalf.

  • We just need you to alert us to any specific issues that you are aware of, perhaps send us a few pictures and tell us how big you need the space to be.

  • We love finding solutions, and can fit amazing spaces into otherwise tricky spots. 

Our South London case study is an example of just a few of the issues we can overcome.

Requirement:  A two person, fully furnished office with electrics, phone and broadband.

Problem:  No-one else was returning a quote due to the tight fence line on two sides, proximity to mature trees and restricted site access, down a narrow pathway with sharp corner.

Our preference not to use pre-fab panels meant side access was not an issue.

Our flexible designs meant we could maximise the size of the building in the available space.

Our pile foundation options enabled us to locate and work around the tree root structure without causing any damage

The glass fronted structure with a timber corner post enabled a 450mm glass return to maximise the light and garden views.

The overhang echoed the deck line and housed key-fob operated downlights for winter nights.

Made to measure, height adjustable desks maximised the internal space.

This current 3D design is an example of how we are able to transform a problem into an elegant design feature.

By incorporating the tree into the design and framing it on three sides, the garden office gains a natural feature, interesting angles and seating areas, but without compromising on internal space. It also still allows the garden workspace to fit into the most convenient area of the garden, without creating any wasted space.

Problem solved

3D Framed Tree
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Get in Touch to discuss your requirements.

To help you purchase your Garden Workspace, we have partnered with Kandoo to provide a range of flexible finance options.

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